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Zachary Grauerholz


Work Histroy


Technical Project Manager with 9+ years of telecommunications and software development experience with a BS in IT - Software. Efficient team player who streamlines processes and engineers automation tools to empower users, delivering measureable time and monetary savings

I am a part of Sprint's Enhanced Services Sales Support team which maintains business customers' legacy voice products, such as toll-free, voice VPN, and long distance. We also support SIP toll-free services by building complex customer routing and IVRs. I am a subject matter expert on complex toll-free routing for our TDM voice platform and products.

Automation Program

My biggest role is spearheading an automation program utilizing VBScript and VBA for 3 teams in Sprint. I automate processes in mainframe systems to reduce headcount and ensure error free maintenance. The program saved at a minimum 3,950 hours of work hours in the past year when compared to manual keying of orders.

Once UAT testing of scripts is complete, they are disseminated from network storage to users via an update application I wrote in C#. The .NET application downloads any updated files since their last update and ensures users files are up-to-date.


Time Study Website

Developed an internal ASP.NET website employing WISA stack, for work measurement and reporting, which management used to minimize human resource costs by 19%.

I installed and configured SQL server, including database schema. IIS was configured to host the website and use Windows authentication. I developed the web forms app using ASP.NET. Reporting is downloaded by admins in *.CSV format and charts are available using Chart.js.

Windows 7 Migration

Oversaw the team’s migration to Windows 7, including the rewrite of legacy applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework in VB.Net and C#. This eliminated the cost of sourcing replacement software solutions and retain application functionality.

SMS/800 Billing Reconciliation

Reduced company spend on toll-frees by $528,000 per year by analyzing mainframe data and systematically disconnecting unutilized numbers. By pulling and comparing reports from Sprint's mainframe and the industry SMS/800 system of all toll-free numbers, I identified and released thousands of toll-free numbers reducing our monthly invoice for SMS/800.

Automate Partial IVR Decommission

Completed the partial decommission of a Periphonics interactive toll-free platform 9 weeks ahead of schedule by scripting mainframe transactions in VBScript, decreasing access and power costs by 53% while gaining spare parts.

Billing Reconciliation Automation

Implemented a project that proactively identified and reconciled $217,000 in incorrect monthly reoccurring charges on customers’ interactive toll-free accounts. This is performed yearly resulting in a better customer experience. The project is completed using custom scripting I developed.

Toll-Free NPA Releases

I also project manage the opening of new toll-free NPAs (area codes). The FCC controls when and how new area codes are opened. I ensure Sprint follows special FCC guidelines during the release window.

Job Histroy
Title Company Dates
Programmer Analyst III Sprint Jul. 2018 - Present
Project/Program Manager II Sprint Feb. 2012 - Jun. 2018
Project/Program Manager I Sprint Oct. 2008 - Feb. 2012
Implementation Specialist II Sprint Sep. 2007 - Oct. 2008