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Zachary Grauerholz


Featured Work

Vacation Planner Map

AJAX JavaScript Frameworks API integration

A single-page application built using the Knockout framework, featuring a map of a future vacation spot. The map is generated by Google's Map API and map markers are added in JavaScript to identify popular locations to visit. Features real-time list and map marker filtering to easily discover locations. A listview on the left of the UI exists for simple browsing of locations. When a list item or map marker is clicked, an info window is opened with data from third-party APIs. Data from Google StreetView, Google Places, and Wikipedia is loaded asynchronously.

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Recipe Book

Angular v4.0 TypeScript NoSQL

A responsive Single Page Application (SPA), written in Angular, to store personal recipes. The Recipe Book website allows recipes to be added, edited, or deleted based on OAuth user authorization & authentication. Images of the recipe can be specified as a URL. Recipe ingredients can be added to a separate Shopping List page. Items can be added, edited, or deleted on the Shopping List page. All of this data can be stored in a Firebase database and retrieved later.

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Item Catalog

OAuth 2.0 Flask Python

Allows users to register and login using OAuth 2.0 providers Google and Facebook so they can create lists of items in distinct categories. All categories and items are viewable but they can only be added to, edited, or deleted by the user who created them.

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Python Movie Website


Server-side Python class to store a list of favorite movies, populated with info from IMDb and YouTube API queries. The class generates the HTML page from the queries.

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